Power4Patriots Offers 4 Tips to Stop Internet Hackers

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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) December 09, 2012

People use their Internet browsers to conduct searches for the purpose of gaining information, but they are actually giving up as much information about themselves as they’re gathering. Maybe it’s Google and maybe it’s scammers, but somebody is always tracking online movements. They want to know what individuals are searching for, what sites they’re visiting, who they’re talking to and what they’re talking about.

It’s surprisingly easy to determine exactly where people have been on the Internet for the life of their computer. A hard drive, even if it’s cleaned up, records everything the individual has done online, including every site that’s been visited.

Power4Patriots, known for allowing people to become independent of high power bills and outages by teaching them how to build their own environmentally friendly sources of energy, wants to help people stop the spying. The company just announced its Top 4 Ways to Shake Internet Hackers. By following these four easy steps – and repeating them periodically – a computer user will be able to keep those who spy at bay.

1.    Stop the spy bots. Spies use cookies to track online movements, but all browsers provide the option of disabling them. For Internet Explorer, users can go to Internet Options, then Privacy then Sites and block any sites they believe might be tracking them. One can also enable InPrivacy browsing with Explorer 8 or higher. In Advanced Privacy Settings, click on “Override automatic cookie handing” to block cookies.

2.    Browse anonymously. Every computer has its own identity called an IP address that carries much of the user’s information with it. An IP address can reveal one’s location, age, sex, income and home value information. Services such as hide-my-ip.com cloak one’s identity and keep information private.

3.    Delete Ad tracking software for free. Even when cookies are turned off, some websites can install tracking software on a computer to track the user’s every move. Spybot Search and Destroy, for example, will erase these bots and keep the user’s information and computer safe.

4.    Erase the search history. Some search engines will store every search the user has made. Those with Google accounts can visit google.com/history, sign in and then click “Remove All Web History.”

Power4Patriots is a collection of videos and manuals describing how to build solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters. The system includes six videos demonstrating how to build a solar panel, including choosing the right materials, finding the right site for the system and avoiding costly mistakes, as well as two instruction manuals with step-by-step, illustrated directions. It also includes four videos and two instruction manuals detailing how to build a wind turbine.

Check out this Power4Patriots blog to learn several ways to keep your identity safe.

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