Powering the future, Germany opens its ‘largest’ wind farm

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Bringing the winds of change to the energy mix, Germany has opened its newest offshore wind farm.

Located 100km off the island of Borkum in the North Sea, the 80 turbines are said to constitute the country’s largest wind farm.

Bard Energy claims it will power up to 400,000 households, and would go some way to achieving the goal of being nuclear free by 2022.

“Without this powerful offshore wind farm in the North Sea the nuclear phaseout is impossible. If the new government stands for their decision of a nuclear phaseout from summer 2011, they should become a reliable and constructive partner of offshore wind energy again as soon as possible,” explained Michael Baur, Chief Executive of the Bard Group.

But the main challenge facing any new government will be getting the power to the people. The recently opened Riffgatt offshore wind farm has yet to be connected to the mainland, and experts say the electric grid is in dire need of an upgrade.

So, whoever wins September’s elections will have to think about how to finance a renewable future.

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