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#1–Tides flow from the gravity of the Moon, and you cannot stop the wind. List all the places in the world where they have stopped the tides and wind using alternative energy. Then list the damage to the environment.

#2–”But the fact is that, while climate is changing, it’s not fossil fuels causing it.” WRONG PAL!

China builds a new coal plant every month or so. There are over 10,000 smoke stack’s spewing coal dust in the world today, that is a smoke stack every 3 miles or so around the Earth. You really need to do a simple search, of climate change, which by your rant says you have not done one, Google it

#3–Doppler radar, ever hear of it?
Where in the world do you get 180 tornadoes before RADAR? Who counted them and where? Are you kidding me? Did a guy on horseback write this down?

Granted chem trails are everywhere, residue has been found at both Arctic and Antarctic. They are not good for Mother Earth, the studies are ongoing. Coal is the real Bad-boy here.


I was in China a couple of months ago, also Japan, Korea, Wake Island, Okinawa, couple of other places in the far east.

The only place they were wearing masks in most cities was CHINA!

google ” Chinese wearing masks ”

Please list your sources to these “Ideas” of yours

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