Practical tips on the green deal for homes

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If householders are reluctant to embrace green deal improvements (Round table discussion, 1 July), it could be because dry-lining walls is a disruptive process. Solar panels stuck on top of roofs look dreadful in most cases. And even having the loft insulation deepened can cause a mess. Not once in the discussion did anyone look at the point of view of the householder.

If you arrange these things yourself you can choose the timetable. When you enter into a “scheme”, you may have to abide by others’ timetables. There are people like us who won’t appear on your statistics because we are gradually getting on with making these changes slowly and when we can face emptying a room, replastering it (because that’s what follows dry-lining), getting period features like coving and picture rails replaced, and then moving back in several weeks later. That’s not easy for the millions in this country who live in Victorian/Edwardian houses with walls which are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation. If solar panel manufacturers could come up with panels which sit flat on the roof instead of, rather than as well as, slates, we’d have the lot done immediately.

We did go for a loft insulation scheme several years ago and it was not a good experience. The installers were clearly paid by how many they could do in a day, didn’t bring dustsheets, threw the huge bales in at the front door and zoomed up the stairs with them, marking the paintwork, and damaged the loft ladder. Someone with a more practical take on helping people to make their homes more energy-efficient is crucial to taking these ideas forward.
Brenda Butler
Freckleton, Lancashire

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