President plowing ahead with green energy agenda

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Well speaking of big money the Obama administration has bet and lost heavily on green energy think Solyndra.

But that has not stopped the White House from pushing on in ways that some critics say might not even be legal.

— – — – For the first time since the Carter administration solar panels are going — on the roof of the White House it’s part of a mandate towards renewables in the federal government but also a symbolic gestures that the president — plowing ahead with his green energy agenda.

Regardless of congressional opposition.

He said that he wasn’t going to wait for congress.

But that he had administrative authorities and it was it was time just not utilizing knows more effectively in a more concerted way.

The Obama administration is being strategically brilliant.

By doing this behind the scenes and they’re gonna achieve everything.

That UN treaties and cap and trade even carbon tax is — received.

Through the end visibility.

Federal regulations.

But EPA’s regulatory battle against global warming did encounter a huge headwind this week.

In a suit brought by the Landmark Legal Foundation.

A federal judge ruled that — responses to Freedom of Information Act requests for alias email accounts used by EPA administrator Lisa Jackson and others.

Quote contain numerous inconsistencies.

In reversals which undermined confidence in their truthful — us.

He ruled that landmark and now Depot’s senior EPA officials about the alias emails a day later two Republican lawmakers congressman Darrell — and senator David bitter.

— former administrator Jackson demanding all her personal emails over the last four years that relate to her official duties.

Their concern the emails were quote a deliberate attempt to circumvent federal transparency lost.

And congressional oversight the scrutiny comes amidst what some believe is administration in tolerance for any dissent in the global warming debate.

As evidenced by these comments from interior secretary Sally Jewell.

Hope there are no climate change and — in the Department of the Interior what they’re saying it’s.

If you are a global warming skeptic and you work for the Obama administration.

Either by appointee or by a career the career civil service.

You gonna keep your mouth shut and you better not express your views.

But the — is growing — in — – measurements that temperature averages have stalled for fifteen years.

And some Russian scientists are predicting a mini ice age lasting up to 250 years.

John well that’s not exactly comforting either Doug Callaway — the — Doug thanks.

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