Proposed power line across Utah will carry wind energy to Vegas

April 23, 2013 by  
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SALT LAKE CITY — Two industry partners are proposing to carry wind-generated electricity from Wyoming’s southwest corner to the Las Vegas area on a 950-mile transmission line.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Duke Energy and American Transmission Co. are teaming up to build the $3.5 billion Zephyr Project power line through Utah.

The companies are working with Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, which is seeking to build hundreds of wind turbines on 234 square miles near Chugwater, Wyo., and export the power.

American Transmission says it hasn’t sought regulatory approvals yet.

Most of the corridor would cross federal land alongside the TransWest Express Transmission Project, another 3,000-megawatt power line expected to carry Wyoming’s wind power to the Southwest.

American Transmission says the Zephyr line would tap into a grid in the Eldorado Valley south of Las Vegas.

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