Proud students showed off their innovations in wind turbine technology

May 18, 2013 by  
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After today’s KidWind activities, it’s estimated that almost 1500 students will have been educated about renewable energy.

Eight teams of students had to create wind turbines and test them in a working wind tunnel. Organizers felt the event helped to raise awareness about one of the renewable energies Alberta has to offer.

“It really gives them an opportunity to learn about renewable energy and to have a stronger sense of what could be the potential for our energy mix in Alberta. Right now we have about 11 hundred mega watts of wind energy in the province which is about eight percent of our total electricity generation in the province,” said Kris Hodgson, wind energy community liaison.

According to Lethbridge College, the wind turbine industry is the fastest growing industry in North America and that in the near future the demand for alternative energy is expected to increase dramatically.

While the students that participated in KidWind are considering if being a wind turbine technician is the career of their choice, their goal for today was to just have fun.

“We didn’t have to win, didn’t really care if we won, just wanted to have fun, to learn a little bit and mainly just if we can have fun in this, that would be all that we’d ask for,” said student Bryan Van Belle.

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