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Round two and wind
A small storm is going to develop later today along the coast. As this storm moves north into the Gulf of Maine an area of rain, (snow north and west) will move through. Across most of Massachusetts, this second shot of precipitation will be in the form of rain because temperatures will be mild. I am not concerned about any snow around here. After the rain ends late tonight, the winds are going to increase dramatically. Overnight, you will certainly hear the winds howling and an occasional power outage is not out of the question. This second shot of precipitation will fall in the form of snow to the north far west. This will set up a great weekend for skiing.

Skiers gold

Ski areas will be cold enough tonight so that they will see snow. I expect ski areas in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to see 5-12″ of snow. The highest amounts of snow will be in the northern ski areas. Winds will be strong in the mountains, some lifts may be closed or have limited service depending on the ski area.

Sunshine for the weekend
The weekend looks dry and great for getting outside taking a brisk walk or heading north to ski. Temperatures looks chilly across the mountains, remaining just below freezing for much of the daylight hours Saturday and Sunday. Around the Boston area, I expect lots of sunshine Saturday with temperatures breaking 40°F during the afternoon. That very gusty wind will make it feel a bit chilly. Sunday will also feature lots of sunshine but temperatures will do something they have only done five times the entire month, stay in the 30s.

After our rain and snow event tonight and tomorrow it looks cold for the weekend to the north as well. The good news, is that the ski areas, especially those in Vermont, should fare quite well in terms of snowfall from tonight’s storm. Some areas could close in on 12 inches of new snow. For some places, that will be the most they have seen since October!

Temperatures the past several days have been more like April rather than the last week of February. Even with this taste of winter, the winter that never began, never will. I actually see another chance of very mild weather again in about a week. If you like winter weather, enjoy the chill the next few days. If you are like me, and think this has been the best winter ever, take heart this cold stuff won’t last long. I will be back to planting in a week or less.

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