Ramsey playgroup youngsters visit a wind turbine

March 6, 2013 by  
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Youngsters at Ramsey Pre-School Playgroup learned about wind energy when they visited Fivestone Ltd’s site in the town where a new wind farm is planned.

The children could be amongst the first to benefit from a community fund if the extra turbines are given the go-ahead by Huntingdonshire District Council.

Wind energy has been generated by a turbine at the site in St Mary’s Road, for 20 years and now Fivestone wants to put up another four turbines.

Twenty-five children from the playgroup visited the site and saw how the wind could turn the sails of toy windmills as well a the 410ft high blades of the real wind turbine.

Carol Dalton, who chairs the playgroup committee, said: “We are delighted that the children had a great time discovering wind energy. They have grown up with the wind turbine and for them it’s a local landmark.”

The children found it took all 25 of them to surround the base of the turbine and they counted that it would take 125 of them standing on each other’s shoulders to reach the top.

The playgroup, which has been running since 1969, has to leave its building in Station Road as it is no longer fit for purpose and residents have suggested that it benefits from the community fund which will be set up by the operators if the new turbines get the go-ahead, enabling it to move to new premises in the former library in School Lane.

Amelie Treppass, for Fivestone, said: “We are glad the kids had a great time out and welcome all the support we have had for generating more safe, clean, renewable electricity from the site.

“So far around 80 Ramsey residents have written in support of the plans and we hope the council will approve the plans soon.”

The proposed extension to the wind farm would produce sufficient energy to power around 5,000 homes if it wins approval from the council.

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