Refined street music accompanies lunch at Star Plaza in PlayhouseSquare …

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Many people love the idea of street music in Downtown Cleveland because it brings vibrancy and energy.

BW-Duo2.JPGRecent BW Conservatory grads Anna Risch and Bryan Reichert tried to make a dent in their student loans, note by note.
Cleveland City Council recently passed legislation specifically allowing street performers to play and solicit tips after the “Sax Man” Maurice Reedus, Jr. was cited by police several times for peddling without a license.

A number of people have said since that legislation was passed that they aren’t against music, they’re against off-key music.  Some aren’t fans of the Sax Man and his TV theme songs.

For them, there are performers like Anna Risch and Bryan Reichert, who entertained the lunch crowd Monday in Star Plaza. The duo are both recent graduates of Baldwin Wallace University’s Conservatory of Music.

With buses and cars rolling by on Euclid Avenue behind them, they played on during the BW Summer Garden Music Series on the new outdoor stage in the renovated Star Plaza,

The noise wasn’t a problem:”Traffic. Construction. It doesn’t matter,” said Risch between songs.

But the wind was another story. They had wooden clothes pins to hold their music in place. Reichert resorted to a glue stick.

“You learn how to do this, but not at school. You learn this kind of thing at a wedding gone awry,” she said.

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