Renewable Energy Expo is a Huge Success

November 8, 2013 by  
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ROCKFORD – Karen M. Herdkoltz, of the Hoo Haven Wildlife and Educational Center says, “We’re all not gonna be here for a thousand years, and i’d like to think i leave a legacy of making it a better place for mother earth.”

The center nurtures animals back to health that are injured by wind turbines.  One such example is her owl “Hoo”. It’s motivation for them to build unconventional turbines that don’t harm wildlife.  She says, “They don’t injure because they’re scooped out in the middle–all the edges are smoothed.”

Herdklotz embodies the message that renewable energy expo organizers want folks to walk away with: education, exhibits and real world application.

Scott Christiansen is the Chancellor and sits on the board, “The long term goal is to be a sustainable region. So, we’re not dependent on the Mideast, for example, for oil or other areas. We’re sustainable as a region right here.”

Gutters that filter out contaminants, geothermal technology, and solar panels were just some of sustainable products being show-cased at the Klehm Arboretum.  Todd Kindred trains technicians to install solar panels: “Technologies are changing every day…we have to grow with the technologies and part of that is the renewables.”

The Director of the expo, Chet Kolodziei, hopes efforts like this will help revitalize the Stateline: “They’re trying to expand their businesses, and I think it makes a healthier and more diverse economy.”

Sustainable energy helps Stateliners in more ways than one. Kindred remembers a powerful storm that swept through Rockford a few years ago:  “We lost, you know –80% of the community didn’t have power. Well, if you were to have wind or if you had solar, you would be able to have kept on running.”

Organizers plan to continue holding events like this every year in Rockford.

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