Renewable Energy Group Praises EPA’s Projection of 1.28 Billion Gallon RVO …

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Renewable Energy Group said it applauds today’s announcement by the EPA that the 2013 Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) renewable volume obligation will grow to 1.28 billion gallons.

“This announcement offers certainty throughout the biodiesel supply chain, will grow green collar jobs and enhances our nation’s energy independence,” said Renewable Energy Group’s President and CEO, Daniel J. Oh.

“We applaud and thank President Obama and his administration, including Secretary Vilsack and EPA Administrator Jackson and her team, for their public support and due diligence in working with the biodiesel industry to implement these sustainable growth numbers. They have reaffirmed that RFS2 is working as intended for biodiesel and that it will continue to do so,” Oh said.

In a release, the company said, since implementation of the biodiesel requirements under RFS2 in 2010, the U.S. biodiesel industry has a track record for supplying petroleum refiners and distributors with large volumes of biofuel.

“We believe the biodiesel industry, and REG specifically, are positioned to utilize the waste, by-products and recycled fats and oils from American agriculture and food production to meet the 2013 RFS2 number,” Oh said.

Renewable Energy Group is a North American biodiesel producer with a nationwide distribution and logistics system.

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