Renewable energy sources are needed on campus

October 11, 2013 by  
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Renewable energy is no longer only a product for wealthy environmentalists and “green” corporations. Sustainable power sources are emerging all over the place. From the rooftops of Morrison Residence Hall to new solar farms in Orange County, renewables are becoming a feasible source of clean energy.

And there should be more of it in Chapel Hill.

The addition of solar panels on the roof of Morrison is a testament to the willingness of the University to invest in renewable technology on campus. While space around campus for installations akin to the solar farm developments in Orange County is hard to find, there are still plenty of rooftops for the expansion of the solar panel technology present on campus.

The recent controversies surrounding the coal divestment movement show that environmental awareness is in the hearts of students. Central to the debate is the University’s commitment to the environment. While divestment from coal may be a long way off, investment in renewable energy technology on campus is another possible outlet to honor this commitment.

Diversification of energy sources via implementation of new renewable technology will only serve to lower energy costs for Orange County residents — including the University’s costs.

Moreover, Strata Solar, a solar technology provider, is based out of Chapel Hill. The University would literally be buying the technology from its neighbors — helping not only the local environment, but the local economy.

The stage is set for renewable energy to solidify its place at UNC.

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