Sader Power easing the stress and finances of solar energy

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A new solar company, Sader Power, is opening in Pontiac and will hire 220 people over the near year and a half. Jobs are available for electricians, installers and in the sales department.

Employees unveiled new installation technology for the solar panels at a demonstration on Friday.

“All the components are on the rack itself so there’s no more digging in your bag, no more running to your toolbox. Everything I need is right here,” Chelsea Dyer says.

And that’s what the company’s CEO says makes his product more affordable. The entire 3-killowat system can be installed in less than an hour and costs a lot less than other systems. The cost is $7,500 instead of the averagely cost of $18,000 for this type of array.

“A 3-killowat system can power a whole house, depending on the size of the house, and how often you use your air conditioner and appliances,” Jon Sader

Sader says there’s also a 30 percent federal tax credit and reduced energy costs that come with these solar panels. He says the system will pay for itself in about five years.

LINK: Click here for more information on Sader Power

Sader started his company in 2011 in Louisiana where he worked with Brad Pitt’s ‘Make It Right’ foundation to help rebuild neighborhoods using green building materials after Huricane Katrina. Now he’s back home, in Michigan, expanding his business where he grew up.

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