Safegas tips and advice to keep your home warm without breaking the bank!

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Safegas tips and advice to keep your home warm without breaking the bank!


Martin and the Safegas team have some tips and advice on keeping your home warm whilst ensuring you don’t break the bank:

  1. Get a boiler service – Having your boiler serviced annually will make sure your boiler is working at its optimum best and will identify any minor faults, which if left unrepaired, could cause major problems in the future. Servicing your boiler could save you money on larger repair bills and emergency call-out fees. Having a regular service can also extend the life of your boiler.


  2. Install a new boiler – If your boiler really is on its last legs, then installing a new boiler isn’t all bad news for your wallet. Installing a new ‘A rated’ Worcester Bosch boiler can save you up to 30% on your fuel bills each year. We at Safegas offer a range of tailored payment plans, which ensures the cost of a new boiler is spread out for our customers.


  3. Government grants – There are a number of government grants available to support homeowners looking to make energy saving improvements to their home. The latest, launching in spring 2014, is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for domestic homes in the UK. This initiative aims to support and reward homeowners looking to replace or improve their current heating system with the installation of a renewable heat technology. Homeowners, who install anything from solar thermal panels to biomass boilers and heatpumps, will not only save money on their fuel bills but they will be financially rewarded over a seven-year period. Plus if you have your measure installed before the 14th March 2014 the government may also contribute to the upfront installation costs, this is known as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment. Further details are available from the Energy Savings Trust website.


  4. Check qualifications – When you call someone out to fix your boiler ensure you have checked they have the right qualifications and are upfront with any costs involved. As one of the largest independent maintenance providers in the North of England, all Safegas engineers are directly employed and quality checked – customer service is our priority.


  5. Make adjustments in your home – If your home is cold first thing in the morning, turning up your thermostat to a higher level won’t make it heat up more quickly. Instead, set the boiler to come on a little earlier, this will use much less energy. To make your radiators more effective, put aluminium foil between each radiator and the wall. This acts as a heat reflector instead of allowing it to pass straight through the walls.


For more information on any of the tips above or to request a visit from one of our directly employed heating surveyors click here



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