Saskatoon man changing wind energy

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Glen Lux is trying to change the face of renewable energy with his new wind turbine.
“This turbine will produce more power than another turbine of equal size and we expect it to cost about one-half the cost of conventional wind turbines,” Lux said. The LUX turbine resembles an eggbeater, with six or more blades, as opposed to the three blades on a traditional turbine.
Lux said one of his 50 kilowatt machines can power up to 10 houses.
“I started it as a hobby and I just wanted to experiment with it and it just turned into something bigger, so now after 30 prototypes or so I finally came across one that I like that seems to work really well.”
Lux’s machine is fully recyclable and rotates on a vertical axis as opposed to a horizontal axis.
He said his design has yet to be adopted by the wind industry.
“They are heavily invested in doing what they’re doing and they don’t want to change.” However, Lux hopes they will one day accept it and help him build even larger turbines to use for utility-scale electricity.
“It’s a bit of a battle for me on my own, to build a large turbine and force them to change.”
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