SEC: Solar energy is still too costly

February 20, 2014 by  
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Solar energy is currently too costly to replace traditional methods of energy production, an official said here on Wednesday.
Zeyad Al-Sheha, the chief executive officer of the Saudi Electricity Company, said producing electricity with fuel costs seven halala per megawatt, compared to 50 halala when using solar energy.
Al-Sheha was speaking on the sidelines of the 16th Quality Forum currently under way in Makkah.
He said the company would not stop using oil to generate electricity. SEC currently uses 2 million barrels a day to produce electricity.
He said subscribers do not pay electricity tariffs on a regular basis, and fuel is a subsided commodity for all citizens.
“The high costs involved (in producing solar energy) are linked to the manufacture of batteries that store energy and convert it to electricity, which is then channeled to the network. Such a manufacturing process is very costly and requires huge quantities of metals,” he said.

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