Selfish stripper gets Jose Sale suspended

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Josh Sale of the Tampa Bay Rays has 99 problems, and a girl is definitely one. He has been suspended by the Tampa Bay organization for conduct detrimental to the team. His offense? Sale updated his Facebook status to complain about a strip club that had just ejected him. Here’s what he wrote:

“Threw 50 cents at a stripper tonight. First time. Got kicked out and she got so (mad) thought she was gonna cry. Your a stripper. Be thankful.”

I don’t know if this guy is a complete jackass or if he did one of those drunk statuses that you delete once you sober up. I’m going to guess both. First of all, you’re 2010 first-round draft pick who is playing in the MLB. What are you doing telling people you’re at at a strip club?  What you do on your own personal time is your own business, but the key word here is personal.  Facebook is public.

Even on their days off, players still represent the organization you play for.  What did Sale think was going to happen after announcing to the world he was kicked out of a strip club for throwing coins at a stripper?

Apparently Sale didn’t think there would be consequences.  He must have forgotten that J.R. Smith was suspended for tweeting a half-naked photo of his girl. Personally, I didn’t see the big deal, but the league did. Professional sports do not take social media lightly.

I don’t blame the stripper for almost crying.  It’s degrading enough to be dancing around naked in front of a bunch of drunk guys in Florida who are throwing dollar bills at you. It must have driven her over the edge when Sale started chucking change.

Did I mention that Sale just came off a 50-game suspension for testing positive for methamphetamine and an amphetamine? Let’s hope he cleans up his act, because he won’t have much of a career if he keeps this up. You made it, Josh. Start acting like it.

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