Sir Jeremy Heywood ‘called in to defuse wind farm row’

September 23, 2013 by  
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The Energy Secretary has said that his department is now working on a new
report alongside Mr Paterson – a claim denied by sources in Mr Paterson’s

Mr Davey has told the Telegraph that Sir Jeremy made it “clear” to Mr Paterson
that he was banned from releasing his original report.

“Well the Cabinet Secretary actually made it clear,” Mr Davey said.

“[Owen Paterson] is not in charge of energy.”

He said that the report was not “high-quality” and warned that it would
have been “shoddy”.

“I’m told, though I haven’t seen this report, that it really didn’t meet
normal standards of evidence and scientific analysis,” he said.

“I’m sure everyone in Whitehall would expect government to come up with
things that couldn’t be destroyed in a few minutes because the quality
was poor.”

Mr Davey last week repeatedly mocked Mr Paterson during the Liberal Democrat’s
conference in Glasgow.

He accused Mr Paterson of trying to “cull” wind turbines across the country.

Mr Paterson is said to be “furious” at Mr Davey’s attempts to block his
department’s study.

He is “determined” to publish the findings of the report, which will also
investigate how house prices in the countryside are affected by wind farms,
sources have said.

As a result of the intervention by Mr Davey, the study will now look at the
impact of all renewable energy sources on the rural economy, including

“It’s not an Owen Paterson report,” Mr Davey said. “It’s a joint report.
He wanted to do a Defra-only [The Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs] report. He was told he couldn’t. We’ll see what it
comes out with. The remit for the study is to look at all aspects of energy
and climate change policy impacts on rural areas.”

Mr Paterson is known to be a vociferous opponent of wind turbines. He has
previously said that turbines are often seen as a “complete scam” by

Mr Paterson’s aides have dismissed claims that Sir Jeremy was called in
to settle the dispute over turbines as “completely untrue”.

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