Smart grid system mooted for wind energy in Tamil Nadu

April 3, 2014 by  
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Wind energy generators in the State have mooted a project that will give real time data on wind energy generation and also forecast the energy generation expected from the wind turbines in the State.

Tamil Nadu has about 7,300 MW of installed wind energy capacity. Of this, nearly 90 MW was added during the last 12 months. The total capacity consists of 11,900 wind turbines and 110 pooling stations. The wind energy generators have proposed to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation that equipment can be installed at the generating points and it can be integrated with meteorological data, says one of the wind mill owners here. The technology is available in the European countries and the system will bring down wastage of wind energy. The total project cost is estimated to be Rs.100 crore, he said. “This is a smart grid system, and if we implement the project, Tamil Nadu will be the first State in the country to have it for wind energy. The Chief Minister should intervene and facilitate implementation of the project,” he said.

Consumption of wind energy in 2013-14 was just about 9,000 million units as against over 11,000 million units in the previous year. Nearly 4,000 million units were wasted and the wind energy generators have suffered a loss. About 130 MW of installed wind energy capacity was added in the State in 2012-13 and nearly 90 MW in 2013-14. However, almost 1,500 MW was added in other States this year.

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