Solar energy system will cut hot water cost at detention center

February 28, 2012 by  
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The solar hot water system, installed December 2011, consists of 32 collector panels, which receive the sun’s energy and transfer it to heat the facility’s water supply. The water is stored in an insulated tank and is used as needed throughout the day for laundry, showering, and kitchen preparation, allowing for available hot water even when the sun is not shining.

The system will reduce existing water heating needs and is expected to save more than $81,000 through the partnership. Savings will increase should natural gas prices continue to rise.

Henderson County was able to install this system with a $71,419 grant from the North Carolina State Energy Office, as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. With the combination of the grant money and SolTherm’s NoCapExTM program, the facility completed installation with no upfront cost.

SolTherm’s NoCapExTM program provides immediate hot water savings and long-term cost predictability with no capital investment. SolTherm is responsible for all operations and maintenance of the system, and monitors all processes via a remote web-based system.

“The project couldn’t have been a better fit for our needs,” said Marcus Jones, Henderson County’s engineer. “We are able to save on operational costs without limiting the amount of water we need on an annual basis. We’re happy to be able to work with SolTherm. The NoCapExTM option made it easy for us to receive the system without a large initial investment.

SolTherm, a clean energy services firm, is leading the industry for energy cost-cutting solutions by combining its innovative financial and renewable energy expertise. SolTherm finances, designs, owns and operates clean energy systems that require no capital investment, while delivering predictable energy costs for healthcare, education and government clients. For more information on SolTherm and their solar energy systems, please visit

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