Southampton Man Uses Solar Energy for Hot Air to Help Heat Home

December 30, 2013 by  
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Solar hot air pkg(SOUTHAMPTON, Mass.) (WGGB)–A Southampton man is using a unique form of solar power to help heat his home,”Air is being drawn from inside this space and it goes up through the panel , down the other side, and this fan brings the air into the house,” says Chris Bowen.

Bowen has just installed a solar hot air system in part of his house.

The key components of the hot air system are these two solar panels , installed on the side of his house.

The air coming in from the solar  panels is hot,”Checking this temperature we saw about 130 degrees,” says Chris Bowen.

Bowen said Co-op Power of Hatfield, a sustainable energy cooperative helped install the panels.

Co-op Power offers its members discounts on solar installations and other equipment.

There is also a neighbor to neighbor program to help install the systems from other members as long as they help their neighbors on four other installations.

The Bowen family likes the solar idea,”It saves the earth and it’s really great because we live on the earth and we want to try our best to take care of it,” says 12-year old Rosa Bowen.

Chris Bowen sees longterm benefits in solar energy, “If people can take steps on their own, to create their own energy in a way that doesn’t wreak havoc with the environment over the long-term, that’s a great thing,” says Bowen.

Bowen says with a 30 percent federal tax credit , the solar panels on his house will pay for themselves within 5 to 10 years.

These two solar panels are helping Chris Bowen heat part of his home.

Eventually he’d like to expand his investment in solar energy to include hot water as well.


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