Spring home improvement tips from the experts

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MASON CITY, Iowa - For many, springtime means home improvement season.

This weekend the North Iowa Home and Landscaping Show is in Mason City to help folks get their homes ready for the warm weather to come.

Spring can be a time of renewal and many people start with their homes.

And it’s perfect timing to think spring projects around the house with the Home and Landscaping Show in north Iowa!

Headlining this year’s event is home improvement expert and TV host Paul Ryan.

He’s at the home show letting folks know how they can save money and still get a great look in their home.

“Little things too, consider this what I’ve got here is a brass switch place. Costs $8, this switch plate costs 49 cents so lets see if we can create a switch plate that looks like $8 and do it efficiently and effectively. So we’ve got the spray paint. Okay in about 10 seconds I’ve made this switch plate look like this switch plate. What’s the big deal? 8 bucks vs. 80 cents? How many switch plates do you have in your kitchen? If you have 10 switch plates that’s $80, 10 switch plates here it’s about $5,” demonstrates Ryan.

Refreshing your home and saving money seems to be the theme at this year’s home show.

“As you can see the expense is down to $200.”

Right now in Iowa about 3,000 homes, businesses, and farms use solar energy to power heat, air conditioning, electricity, and hot water expenses.

“It more than saves money, it eliminates that expense most of us are paying 200 maybe $300 a month for electricity and gas. Now with solar electricity, at the end of the month that bill in the mail won’t be coming anymore,” says Greg Bacon, Owner of Equinox Energy Homes.

If you looking to re-do anything from floors, bathrooms or windows and cut costs  the home show is a good one stop shop to getting your home spring ready.

The Home and Landscape show continues through the weekend.


Paul Ryan will present:

“Kitchen Remodeling – Planning for the Best Outcome” Friday at 4:30 Saturday at 11:30am and 6:00pm

“Remodeling 1001 – So That’s How It’s Done” Friday 7:00pm Saturday at 3:30pm.


North Iowa Home and Landscaping Show:

North Iowa Events Center

Friday March 7th: 3:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday March 8th: 10:00am-8:00pm

Sunday March 9th: 11:00am-4:00pm

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