Steve Coleman: Wind energy a perfect fit for Wisconsin

March 22, 2014 by  
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Dear Editor: Wind power is the Midwest’s homegrown energy source, so why is Wisconsin missing out? Your recent column by Spencer Black talks about an energy boom in wind and sun. We could look at the economic competition of Wisconsin and our neighboring states in the utilization of wind energy. Minnesota and Illinois each produce four times the wind energy of Wisconsin. Iowa, a staggering eight times the wind-generated electricity of Wisconsin.

Wind is a perfect fit for Wisconsin. It complements agriculture very well, and our manufacturing sector in the Fox Valley and Milwaukee has the skills for the fabrication of those large metal towers. So let us create some addition jobs in the state, increase the state’s wealth and provide an energy base for future generation. State lawmakers could create wind-friendly policies for siting wind farms. It would not cost the state any money, we just need to get the government out of the way — eliminate the red tape. Renewable energy creates jobs: jobs for construction, jobs for maintenance and a solid energy infrastructure for future jobs. Farms win, manufacturing wins, and our environment wins by reducing the amount of fossil fuels we burn.

Steve Coleman


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