Stop blaming green energy for Hydro One’s woes

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I fully support the fight against Hydro one, but please stop blaming green energy for rising hydro costs. The studies I have read show that green energy and the green energy act are not responsible.

Yes It’s hard to know what studies to believe because it depends on who is funding the study, but a happy medium to both sides would be that the green energy act is flawed, but that is the governments fault. Please do your research before you just believe that green energy is the reason for rising hydro costs. It doesn’t change the fact that it is imperative that we transition to renewable, clean energy.

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 I want to mention also that our regular household Hydro bill is typically $120 this time of year. In the new year that rose to $180, since than we have brought it back to $130 by not using major appliances during peak times, including large amounts of water; hang drying 90 per cent of our laundry; and filling up the sink to wash dishes, as opposed to running the water. These were fairly simple changes to adjust to.

Again I fully support the fight against Hydro. Its management earns way too much as expressed in the recent Sunshine List and they have even been called out for it by the ombudsman. The debt repayment charge is BS and shows how poorly managed the monopoly of a company Hydro One is, but we have to adapt to the fact that conservation and renewable energy is the future of energy.

Julia Taylor

Pleasant Point

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