Suns to rely on green energy for Sunday

April 5, 2014 by  
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PHOENIX — Orange is the dominant color of the Phoenix Suns, but on Sunday they’ll go green, when US Airways Center will be powered by renewable energy.

The arena will be using 64,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy purchased from APS. That is the same amount of energy that would power 1,700 homes for a day.

“They call it the Valley of the Sun for a reason and there’s no reason to not take advantage of all that sunshine and converting it into energy,” Suns President Jason Rowley said.

“Companies and consumers have an obligation these days to be as green and promote sustainability as much as possible. This is our way and APS’ way of promoting that.”

Rowley said that the team is committed to using solar energy by having almost 1,000 solar panels covering 17,000 square feet of the parking garage. That array produces energy to power 20 game days for the Suns.

The first 1,000 fans in the door Sunday will receive a reusable tote bag. Tipoff is 6 p.m.

Jim Cross, Reporter

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