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Pat Reiten's company again fared well in the Energy Department's renewable rankings.

Pat Reiten’s company again fared well in the Energy Department’s renewable rankings.

Two leading Oregon utilities posted stellar results in the federal government’s most recent green power rankings.

Portland General Electric Co. and PacifiCorp/Pacific Power landed high rankings on several Energy Department green power program lists. The lists rank utilities in terms of sales of renewable energy to program participants, the number of participants, customer participation rates and the level of solar options offered through the utilities’ programs.

PGE (NYSE: POR) led the lists that ranked numbers of renewable power customers and the amount of renewable energy sold. PGE was also second in terms of customer participation rates fifth in green power sales as a percentage of total retail sales.

PacifiCorp ranked second in terms of participants and third in terms of green pricing program renewable energy sales. The company also ranked fifth in terms of the amount of solar options it uses to supply its green pricing programs and sixth in terms of green power sales as a percentage of its total retail electricity sales.

Pacific Power ranked sixth in the customer participation rate category.

PGE has counted the most renewable energy customers since 2009, with nearly 88,000 business and residential purchasers at the end of 2012.

“These numbers confirm our customers are leading the way in renewable energy and sustainability,” said Carol Dillin, PGE’s vice president for customer strategies and business development, in a statement. “It’s great to see that more PGE customers choose renewable power than anywhere else in the nation.”

PacifiCorp’s and Pacific Power’s rankings were driven by the company’s Blue Sky renewable energy program. Participation in the program jumped by more than 8 percent last year.

“One-by-one our customers are choosing to have an individual impact by supporting additional renewable energy through Blue Sky,” said Pat Reiten, president and CEO of Pacific Power, in a release. “We’re immensely proud to offer attractive Blue Sky options to our customers as we have since 2000, when we became one of the first utilities in the nation to make that available.”

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