Ten ways to save money, energy

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ATLANTA — Temperatures regularly are dipping down into the low 30s overnight with highs in the mid-to-low 50s in the Southern Crescent.

Georgia Power officials offered tips to help customers save money and energy as winter approaches.

• Keep the thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting. Georgia Power recommends 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Every degree above 68 can add 3 percent to the heating bill.

• Keep heating vents and registers clear. Make sure they are not blocked by draperies or furniture. Vents should also be cleaned regularly with a vacuum or broom.

• Caulk, re-caulk or add weather-stripping around windows and doors. This helps keep the cold out and the heat in. If caulking or weather stripping is cracked, remove it and reseal with new materials.

• Let the sun shine in. On sunny days, open drapes or blinds to allow natural solar heat to warm the house.

• Change air filters. Dirty filters can increase heating system operating costs. Change filters every month or so to help the unit run properly.

• Wrap water pipes. This will reduce heat loss from hot water lines and help to prevent pipes from freezing.

• Dress warmly, even indoors. This will allow a lower thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort.

• Make sure fireplace dampers fit tightly and keep them closed when not using the fireplace. Add a glass fireplace screen, if possible.

• Have your heating system professionally checked to make sure it’s running properly. This can prolong the life of the system, as well as reduce operating costs.

• Remove window air conditioning units during winter months.

To learn more tips, find step by step instruction videos at www.georgiapower.com.

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