The distance from a wind turbine to a house should be 10 times its height says …

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THE DISTANCE FROM a wind turbine to a home must be directly related to the height of the turbine according to a bill set to be tabled by Sinn Féin later.

The Wind Turbine Regulation Bill sets down that turbines must be located at a distance from a house that it is at least ten times the height of the turbine.

The distance relates to turbines that are taller than 25m with the height measured from the ground to the end of the blade tip at its highest point.

Sinn Féin also wants strict rules on Ireland’s export of wind energy, with the bill stating that wind exports should be prohibited until “the product is ‘excess power’ and Ireland is a self-sufficient island”.

The party says that the bill does not mean that they are opposed to windfarms with its Environment Spokesperson Brian Stanley claiming that it is more about correcting what they see as Government mistakes.

“This bill attempts to impose proper regulation of all aspects of wind turbine construction. This includes proper zoning of areas for wind turbine developments, the duties of planning authorities, setback distances and the responsibility of decommissioning wind turbines,” argues Stanley.

The party says that the bill has been tabled in response to proposals to build upwards of a thousand wind farms in the Midlands, primarily as a means of exporting wind energy to the UK.

But these plans have recently been thrown into major doubt with a final agreement between the Irish and UK Government’s yet to be completed.

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