The Green Tea Party: Debbie Dooley Battles Big Energy

September 17, 2013 by  
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Looking to loosen GP’s stranglehold on the market, last year Dooley’s Atlanta Tea Party lobbied the state’s Public Service Commission to require Georgia Power to up the amount of power it obtains from solar. To aid in the effort, Dooley snuggled up with a somewhat surprising ally: the Sierra Club. Despite their political differences, the two organizations had previously worked together on local issues where, as Colleen Kiernan, head of Sierra’s Georgia chapter, puts it, both objected to “business as usual.” This time around, the left-right, pro-solar coalition found itself facing particularly intimidating opposition: the billionaire Koch brothers, the infamous Republican mega-donors who, as fossil-fuel titans, have committed themselves to smothering green energy. A Koch-funded group, Americans for Prosperity, targeted the commissioners who expressed support of the tax, recalls Dooley, in addition to launching a misinformation campaign claiming that the additional solar requirement would raise rates by up to 40 percent. Dooley says AFP Georgia’s opposition didn’t surprise her, but that she was “shocked” by their dishonesty. “They did not hesitate to put out completely false and misleading information.”

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