Today OnEarth: Trump vs. Turbines, Catastrophe Cooks, Sewage Sweeties

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Valentine's Chocolates

Big budget day: President Obama will send his 2013 fiscal budget to Congress today. It’s expected to contain funding for clean energy and environmental programs, which will almost certainly face adversity from Congressional Republicans. EE Daily

You’re fired!: Donald Trump is accusing Scotland’s First Minister of ruining the coastline with a proposed offshore wind farm. Why? It would destroy the view from Trump’s golf course, recently built on rare sand dunes and wildlife habitat. Associated Press

You’re served!: Eleven states have sued the EPA for its delays on strengthening soot restrictions. The particulate matter, emitted from diesel trucks and coal-fire power plants, has been linked to climate change and health problems, such as heart attacks and asthma. New York Times

Big Water on campus: In response to student-led campaigns to ban bottled water sales on college campuses over health and environmental concerns, the bottled water industry has released a patronizing YouTube video telling students to direct their protests to something meaningful, like ending genocide in Darfur. National Public Radio

Earning your stripes: How did a zebra get its stripes? Their two-toned coats just might be an adaptation to repel flies. The Economist

A recipe for disaster: When weather catastrophes hit — droughts in Texas, hurricanes in Vermont — food supplies can run short. Cue a cooking show that offers some savory survival tips. Braised oxtail, anyone? Grist

Climate Reality TV: Got a personal anecdote about climate change? PBS NewsHour wants to hear from you. The news channel is collecting stories to share on their website and help guide its environmental coverage. The Atlantic

Spare a square?: World Wild Federation to Americans: Stop wiping your bottoms with toilet paper made at the expense of tiger, elephant, and orangutan habitat. The environmental group says a supplier for two brands, Paseo and Vivi, is converting Sumatran rainforests into wood-pulp plantations. Mongabay

For the love of chocolate: A group warns that climate change is disrupting cocoa, sugar cane, peanut, pecan, maple syrup, and liqueur industries, threatening the contents of many a heart-shaped box. Valentine’s Day may never be same. Then again, neither will a lot of things. Los Angeles Times

Plan B: In a world without boxes of chocolates, you’ll need to get creative. Surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day tour of New York City’s largest sewage plant. The Daily News

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