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This week’s gardening tips: By now most tomatoes have already set their main crop. High temperatures (days in the 90s and nights in the 70s) interfere with pollination. In addition, tomato bushes are less inclined to set more fruit when they already have a load. So don’t be surprised if more of the flowers start falling off without setting fruit as we move into June; it’s just that time of year. Heat-tolerant cultivars (like Sunleaper, Solar Set and Heatwave), cherry and paste tomatoes set fruit more reliably during summer heat.

  • ┬áSoil subsidence may require fill to occasionally be spread over the lawn area. Filling can be done now through August. Mow the lawn immediately before spreading the fill. Choose a light, sandy soil (such as pump sand or river sand). Avoid spillway sand as it is more likely to contain weed seeds. Grass will not reliably grow through more than two inches of fill.
  • Remember to plant basil now for fresh seasoning all summer. Many herbs already in your garden, such as thyme, sage, oregano, lavender, dill, cilantro and parsley, are at their most productive now and will play out as the weather gets hotter. Harvest freely and dry or freeze the extras.
  • When they finish blooming, remove the developing seed pods from such plants as Louisiana irises and amaryllis. This keeps Louisiana irises from flopping over and becoming unattractive. It also prevents plants from wasting effort on seeds that are not needed. It would be better for the plants to put that energy into growing leaves and roots.

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