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CLARK, Philippines, Jun 14, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) –
via PRWEB – The rate of urbanization in San Fernando Philippines has increased in manifold, as compared to other cities in the Republic. Thus, it has been imperative that True Green Energy Group design and build an adequate infrastructure with good facilities and proper road access in order to appropriately get rid of the MSW at Lara.

Renato Paraiso, the head of the legal department for SBS and TGEG said, “our Contractual obligation between SBS, and the city of SF regarding the annual volume of garbage to be accepted has already been fulfilled and surpassed a mere two (2) months after starting operations. Moreover the volume of garbage being sent to our site is more what was originally conceived and agreed upon by the parties however because of the commitment of TGEG to its corporate social responsibility as well as looking after the best interest of their shareholders, we have agreed and executed a plan to expand and upgrade our facility to more than accommodate and process the current volume of garbage that the City of San Fernando is currently delivering to our facility, the origins of which is unsure if it’s purely the city’s garbage.”

The urgent meeting in San Fernando is keeping pace with the growth in population and the amount of garbage coming to the San Fernando landfill. SBS executive John Lamb stated, “After many meetings with city officials and the Honorable City Mayer Oscar Rodriguez, Our team was required by its Board of Director’s to notify the city of the problem’s and the time needed to execute the upgrades and for the city to accomplish its contractual obligation to build the access roads indispensible for the proper and smooth flow of operations to service all the city’s garbage and from other sources as well. SBS executive management warned that it must stop taking garbage into the landfill until the upgrades are installed and the access road is built.

Today Atty. Renato Paraiso the head of TGEG legal department and Atty. Deborah Santos went to the Mayor’s office to conduct an emergency meeting in order to discuss possible solutions regarding the aforementioned problems and to inform the city of the imminent existence of “Force Majeure” if the city and its local bodies cannot come up with an alternative and mutually beneficial solution to the garbage’s volume, as well as the road access problem and looming issues regarding adverse and detrimental positions certain city representatives have taken such as, volume of garbage, implementing a system of charging tipping fees, and payments currently being made by TGEG for the city of San Fernando to the divert its MSW.

Renato W Lee C.E.O Said, “TGEG and its board of directors have always helped the city of San Fernando and has kept more then 91 people working despite the city’s delays. Our Goal has been to keep Filipinos working so they can feed there family’s and keep their children in school, because that is what doing the right thing is all about.”

Ronald Flynn founder and chairman said, “city authorities must take the appropriate steps in order to effectively manage this problem or SBS we will no longer take waste to the site until the road is built and the new machinery comes in. The Solid Waste Management (SWM) is one of the important obligatory functions for the city of San Fernando. It is also one of the primary responsibilities of the municipal authorities. Over the last three years Spectrum Blue Steel has invested millions of dollars building the site and hiring people to help the city and the Filipinos who live there. Our Goal is to build a better world and do the right thing”

Keeping in tune with such mission, TGEG and SBS as well as it’s board, officers, employees and staff led by it’s Chairman and Founder, Mr. Ronald Flynn have dedicated themselves to find numerous and most often, innovative solutions to continually fulfill their obligations not only with their investors and partners, but more importantly to society in helping the environment and more importantly, to uplift and improve the lives of many by promoting and deploying alternative and green sources of energy. “Despite the presence of many obstacles and challenges that our company has and will be facing we remain unfazed, we will not back down, and will always stay committed to doing the right thing,” said Flynn.

Recognizing the importance of clearing the garbage and properly producing RDF, a number of developing cities in the Philippines have requested collaboration with TGEG in improving solid waste management in their cities. The Spectrum Blue Steel project can and will succeed in providing lasting positive impacts on the management of solid waste in San Fernando as long as the city support agencies also do the right thing by upgrading and giving proper access to the site. TGEG has collaborative projects on going in the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, Portugal, and have the various technical, financial, institutional, and economic partners to handle the social constraints faced by both the recipient cities and external support agencies.

Such constraints vary from country to country and from city to city, as developing countries and cities within them differ in solid waste management problems and they and external support agencies have different, and often limited, resources available to resolve the problems. Therefore, in order to ensure the sustainability of collaborative projects, in various constraints of both developing countries and external support agencies True Green Energy Group has used its resources for the city of San Fernando and the good people of the Philippines.

Ronald Flynn, founder and chairman of the board said, “With the combination of TGEG viable renewable energy resources and landfill sites, coupled with energy efficiency, conservation and smart grid development we could lead the world in energy independence and a cleaner, more sustainable energy infrastructure — but also to what will soon prove to be the greatest investment opportunity of the 21st Century.”

True Green Energy Group’s strategy is to “de-carbonize” the electric power generation industry by shifting to non-fossil fuel-based energy sources, specifically energy-from-waste. This follows the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Renewable Energy Law (RA 9513) of the Philippines that confirms energy-from-waste is renewable, and to build low cost housing for Filipino families.

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