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May 24, 2014 by  
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AN interactive session between Nordic and Bangladesh companies organized by the Danish and Swedish embassies in the capital on Tuesday last has proved to be quite an eye-opener. It provided a glimpse of the enormous green energy potential we have.
All we need to do is to embark on a planned and vigorous exploitation of the obvious natural endowments.
Whilst the long coastline has the prospect for developing off-shore wind energy, the hilly terrain can provide sites to generate on-shore wind energy. Secondly, with around 300 sunny days a year, Bangladesh is estimated to receive 10,000 MW of solar radiation daily. This, according to Anette Galskjot, Commercial Counsellor of Danida Business Partnerships in Bangladesh, exceeds the daily electricity demand in the country. Already, some headway has been made in solar direction — 2.8 million solar home systems have been installed with a power generation capacity of 115MW.Obviously, we have to go a long way there.
After a look at the wind and solar energy prospects, we turn to a huge source of biogas lying untapped. We have a much polluted capital with proliferating waste problems, a large part of which is organic and, therefore, suitable for biogas production.
Since global entrepreneurs have evinced ‘tremendous’ interest in the green development agenda of Bangladesh, we should prioritise this undeveloped sector attracting investment on a collaboration basis to make a stride in meeting our energy needs the safe way.

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