UConn researchers and green energy

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STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — Going green could go even further with a new partnership at UConn. The university and state are joining with Fraunho USA.

This is a partnership which will expand what researchers at UConn already do: develop green technology.

In the UConn laboratories, global fuel cells are being developed and green energy is being improved.

“Right here is a glove box that we do lithium battery work in,” said Peter Menard, lab manager.

That cutting edge technology could get sharper as UConn and the state partner with Fraunhofer USA: a German non-profit which works to advance green technology. It’s been in the US almost 20 years.

“We reach out to the best industries,” said Georg Rosenfeld, Fraunhofer USA. “We reach out to the best scientists around.”

The Fraunhofer Center for Energy Innovation or CEI at UConn is the seventh such partnership in the states.

“Work at the center will ultimately reduce our nation’s dependency on fossil fuels and traditional power generation systems,” said UConn President Susan Herbst.

Already they are doing some pretty innovative work in the labs. One machine, which is reactive spray deposition technology, was built by a PhD candidate at the school.

“It’s using a combustion flame to basically make materials,” said PhD candidate Justin Roller.

Those materials can be used for fuel cells and other clean energy technology. CEI will develop highly efficient and cost-effective energy conversion and storage systems and may help the researchers see their work go from lab to marketplace more quickly.

“We will see our research into action. As I say quote end quote into production, into product form and that creates more knowledge for us,” said Prabhakar Singh, CEI Director.

CEI will be located at UConn’s Depot Campus, but will relocate to the new UConn Technology Park, slated to open in 2015.

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