Valley man tries to track down source of green energy robocalls

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Valley man tries to track down source of green energy robocalls

CREATED Aug. 22, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Frustration is growing over robocalls that promise to help lower your energy bills.

The big question: Who’s behind the calls?

Every time the phone rings, Andrew Spivak of Las Vegas hopes it’s not yet another green energy robocall.

“They’re offering energy savings programs that will save you 30 to 50 percent on your electric and other power bills,” Spivak said.

People across the Valley are turning to Action News fed up with the calls. Spivak said he’s received the calls for months and tried to be removed from the list.

“But then they would call back the next day, sometimes a few hours later and the next day, and the next day and so forth,” said Spivak.

Spivak said he signed up for the Do Not Call Registry about two months ago but the phone kept ringing.

“I set out to find who the heck these guys were,” said Spivak.

Finally, Andrew answered the robocall and set up an appointment for a technician to stop by. He also invited Action News over to his home to meet the person who showed up.

After waiting outside the home, the technician came out. He identified himself as David, an independent contractor selling green energy-saving products for Home-Tec International, an Arizona company. 

Action News popped the question so many are asking: where are the green energy robocalls calls coming from?

“The green energy robocalls. Yeah. Can you be more specific,” David said.

We explained the calls. 

Action News asked David who sent him to the home.

“It’s just all through marketing,” David said. “For example, it’s a company that we hire that just telemarkets out.”

But that still doesn’t answer the question: exactly who is making the calls? We didn’t get a clear answer.

“You got to remember that a lot of companies use the very same tactic so you’re going to have a lot that looks the same but it really depends on the company,” David said.

The Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the Do Not Call Registry, said these cases can be tricky.

FTC Attorney Kati Daffan told Action News over the phone that numerous companies or telemarketers can use the same generic recording. And in some cases, Daffan said the number could be spoofed. That means the number on your caller ID is not the real phone number, so tracking down the source can be difficult. 

David told us you can push a button during the call to stop the messages.

But people we have spoken with say they pushed the number and still get the messages.

“That’s definitely something I can check out,” David said.

David made a call to his manager while we waited; he told us he would try to find the source of the calls. After he left, David called us back to say we’d have to talk to the corporate office.

Home-Tec has a current Arizona contractor’s license, according to a state website. In July, the Better Business Bureau revoked the company’s accreditation, in part, for for failing to promptly respond to all complaints forwarded by the BBB, according to the BBB’s website. 

Spivak reviewed the products David showed him but didn’t sign a deal. Now, Spivak said he doesn’t want energy savings, he just wants answers.

“This has been going on for months and months and months and was so frustrating,” Spivak said.

Action News reached out to Home-Tec several times over the last two days but have not heard back.

Spivak said he’s considering legal action.

The FTC in Washington has also asked to see this story.

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