Victim’s Name Released in Weekend Killing

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By: Jessica Rae


Around 9 a.m. Sunday morning the Sioux City Police Department received a call from the Lincoln County Sheriff. A body had been found burnt and dumped in a ditch on the side of a gravel road near Worthing, South Dakota.

Sioux City Police Chief Doug Young says, “We believe this individual was murdered here in Sioux City between 3-6 a.m. On Sunday morning, then transported to Lincoln County, South Dakota, and as a result of a witness statement, believe the body was disposed of at approximately 7:20 a.m.”

The victim was 20 year-old Adrian Rojas Hernandez of Sioux City.

Sioux City Police say they have had contact with Hernandez in the past, and were able to identify him based on his tattoos, and fingerprints.

Neighbors along West 15th Street say they had no idea such a terrible thing could take place in their neighborhood.

Neighbor Norma Herrera says, “I didn’t know anything like that could happen in this house, we always see them coming in and out, no biggie- their son plays with our son, their little one, but nothing like that.”

Neighbor Martin Betz says, “I just heard about it, so yes, it’s concerning I’m worried for my family here more than anything, this is a crazy spot.”

Police are still looking for one suspect, a man they consider to be armed and dangerous.

Sioux City Police Chief says, “At this time we are looking for a single suspect 20 year-old Martin Castellanos, we do consider the suspect to be armed and dangerous.”

Anyone with information regarding this crime, or Castellanos’ whereabouts is being asked to contact the Sioux City Police department at 279-6440, or call Crime Stoppers at 258-tips.

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