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February 17, 2012 by  
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The looming increase in power price rises – up by 5 per cent for most Wairarapa customers – will come as a blow for anyone struggling to stretch their pennies between pay packets.

Our story about the prices rises also included a comment from Genesis Energy’s public affairs manager that was even more bad news for us.

In Wairarapa, we’re already paying more for our electricity than other parts of the country because of our distance from where power is generated, and the cost of rural transmission lines.

Which begs the question – will we get any benefit from the proposed wind farms in Wairarapa?

What’s not been discussed, to my knowledge, in the proposals for two wind farms – a major farm at Castle Hill, and a smaller Mt Munro project – is whether these schemes will make our local energy any cheaper.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow if those who will look out from their homes to see the turbines on the hillsides are still paying for some of the most expensive electricity in the country.

But in any case, those projects are still several years away, if they go ahead. In the meantime, families still have to pay the power bills.

We’re always being told if we want to save power to turn off the beer fridge and the heated towel rail, and use cold water for the laundry.

Those always seem fairly unhelpful tips for households who are already doing what they can to stick to a budget – and when many elderly, in particular, may already be making sacrifices like leaving the heating turned off.

If you have any more practical and useful tips for cutting your power bills, or for just generally stretching your budget, we’d like to hear them.

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