Wales flags green energy potential

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The Welsh government has made a come-and-get-it call to businesses by highlighting the huge potential for green energy generation around the country’s 1200km coastline.

The Green Growth Wales: Investing in the Future prospectus, launched today, emphasises its 32,000 square kilometres of sea and seven major ports, stressing the opportunities for “marine, hydro, solar, onshore and offshore wind” and the role they could play in the low carbon transition.

The principality also claims its devolved status allows it to act quickly “with minimum bureaucracy and maximum flexibility”, meaning it has developed a “comprehensive programme of business support including greater access to government finance than any other part of the UK”.

Minister for Natural Resources Alun Davies (pictured), who will unveil the document at an event in London arranged by Natural Resources Wales, said: “Wales is already a great place to do business but I want it to be a world leader in green growth.

“I believe that by using our natural resources sustainably we can create a new economic model that will deliver wealth creation and economic growth, both now and in the future.

“The Welsh government is committed to creating an environment where businesses can invest with confidence and to developing the conditions that will nurture and drive green growth.”

Natural Resources Wales chair Peter Matthews added: “Green growth is a priority for us and I believe it is key to Wales’ future prosperity. The natural environment is already worth more than £8bn to the Welsh economy but there is potential for more.

“Our aspiration is for Wales to become a ‘location of choice’ for enterprise and business, where best environmental practice is the norm. We want to help developers manage project risks and ensure that we have the right developments in the right place.”

The green economy pumped £5.5bn into the wider Welsh economy in 2011/12 and the global market for the green economy is valued at £3.4trn.

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