What is the future of wind energy in Kansas?

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And why do you hate putting things into perspective?

How many wild birds are killed by hunters each year? Or killed by predatory wild birds? Or by neighborhood cats? Or…here’s a good one…how about by flying into glass windows. Shall we ban them all, too?

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has made reasonable and well-thought-out suggestions, rather than inflammatory, counterproductive attacks like “why do you people hate wild birds?”

They say reasonable things like “Wind power has the potential to be a green, bird-friendly form of power generation, but it can also adversely affect birds.”

They also provide data estimates on far more than wind turbine deaths…which provides much-needed perspective.

Indeed, the 2013 estimate on death by wind turbine for the 2012 period is 573,00 birds (and 880,000 bats…which you failed to mention. Should I ask you why you hate bats??? Didn’t think so.)

And, at the link you pointed us to (focused only on wind energy), the ABC said “By 2030, there will likely be more than 100,000 wind turbines in the U.S., and these are expected to kill at least one million birds each year—probably significantly more”.

However, the following data is also provided by the ABC, albeit elsewhere:

The 2012 estimate of bird deaths by flying into towers? 6.8 million.

Flying into power lines (based on a 2005 estimate, which is old data, but it’s apparently what they have)? 175 million.

Oh. And the current estimate of the deaths of birds in 2013 from flying into glass? 300 million to 1 BILLION!!!!

Obviously, all of these estimates of birds that are already being killed by other types of man-made structures are FAR greater than the “one million birds each year—probably significantly more” that is merely estimated for 2030…16 years in the future…from wind turbines.

So how about, instead of attacking people who support wind energy with your “Why do you people hate wild birds?”…why don’t you encourage them to read about and support the actual efforts of the ABC? And, no…those ABC efforts do NOT involve hating anything.

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