Why not solar and wind energy?

October 28, 2013 by  
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We need to restructure our energy sector by diversifying the different energy sources so that we are not overly dependent on oil.

We need to come clean with the people. It took former US President Bill Clinton to come and tell us that we need to go solar and utilise wind energy, which we have in abundance, to make our economy grow exclusively with the money we have to facilitate it.

We have not one ounce of oil and oil is so expensive; and we cannot pay the price for oil without the PetroCaribe arrangement.

We will have to rubbish the idea that we cannot survive without depending exclusively on oil as an energy source.

The Wigton Windfarm in Manchester is doing a fine job in fixing our energy deficiency. Still, we can do more. The conventional way of sourcing our energy is dysfunctional. Many countries have attested to this.


We cannot solely depend on the Venezuelan government to satisfy our energy needs. Does one remember how we waited with bated breath to see the outcome of the Venezuelan elections?

If we are to make ourselves competitive in trade and reduce our foreign debts and advance our cause on the international stage, we have to put measures in place so that we can.

Coal can make us competitive, but what about the health issues it may cause? We cannot be penny wise and pound foolish. Is it worth the environmental degradation it might cause?

Paris Taylor


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