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Renewable Energy In Scotland

We are keen to get the UK to be 100% reliant on green energy…

Basingstoke, UK (PRWEB UK) 11 June 2012

PR for renewable energy is growing as more renewable energy companies start up and sell clean power to the grid. The problem is however that the switch is not being made to a complete reliance on clean energy, but to still use fossil fuels to create the majority of power for the UK. This is why a wind turbine business in Scotland chose to appoint a new PR agency which they found on the Marketing Quotes system, to conduct a brand awareness campaign to the UK public about wind, solar and other renewable energy.

A spokesperson from the wind energy company commented ‘we are keen to get the UK to be 100% reliant on green energy, there is really no reason why we cannot be, other than upsetting the oil companies. The world provides us with the sun, the winds and the tides, which can produce more than enough energy than we need for anything. Hydrogen cars, solar energy plants are all possible, but society is not wanting to make the shift. We have decided to talk to specialist PR companies to campaign to government about how our wind energy company is able to provide energy for thousands, with a little investment we can achieve so much more.’

Anne Richards (who works with Marketing Quotes) added ‘we have noticed more publicity around solar and wind power here in the UK, but we agree, nothing much seems to be changing. The UK has less that 10% power from renewable sources, why it is so low after it has been around for so long is a real mystery. We hope that the awareness around the renewable market does it’s job so that government will start taking it more seriously.’

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