Wind energy expansion needs RICL

January 4, 2014 by  
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Iowa’s national leadership in wind energy brings Iowa many economic and environmental benefits. Improvements to our regional electric grid will help this important industry grow. Wind energy will provide thousands of jobs in our state, including eastern Iowa, and will help reduce our need to burn polluting coal, thus bringing cleaner air to Iowa communities.

Right now, our nation’s aging and outdated electric grid is hobbling wind energy growth. Projects like the planned Rock Island Clean Line will help move renewable energy to where it is needed. The Clean Line developers have worked hard to address concerns of local landowners and the route plan will protect sensitive natural areas.

While much work remains to finish planning and construction, Iowans can look forward to the good-paying jobs, investment in Iowa communities, and cleaner air that worthwhile projects like the Rock Island Clean Line will bring.

Helen Van Hoozer


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