Wind energy folds without tax credits

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Finally, someone telling the truth about wind and its heavy subsidies. More people need to pay attention to the facts in Bob Winger’s Nov. 17 letter.

Folks, the facts are there is no comparison between quality and quantity of jobs between wind and coal. Sen. Baucus was gleeful about three permanent jobs from the Shawmut wind farm, claiming over $1 billion invested in Montana by wind. How about breaking that down:

How much to China for the generators and electronics, Texas for the (Texas has lower per capita wages than Montana) blades and probably Iowa or Canada for the towers? Where is the benefit for Montana? How much money went into the pockets of workers that spend on main street supporting an economy? The answer is a tiny fraction. Using Winger’s man hour figures for 750 MW of wind, 675,000 hours at $40/hour (a very generous figure) = $27 million. 750 MW coal, 5.5 million hours at $50/hour (higher paid crafts) = $275 million. These numbers are just for the construction. We are being taken for a ride.

Wind will fold without the tax credits. It is a no-brainer. This is a global issue. If Montana making this type of sacrifice would solve the C02 problem, then great. But without reining in China and India, our sacrifice, in fact the U.S. unilaterally sacrificing this manpower-intensive, middle class, blue collar industry makes absolutely no sense.

Every radical environmentalist claims they don’t like to see anyone lose their jobs and in the next breath say (as their voices trail off), there are plenty of jobs in renewable. That is blatantly false. Name the jobs, the companies, the salaries. They can’t because the promised jobs are not real.

Tell our senators: No more production tax credits! It is time to put the emphasis back on real jobs, coal fired electricity. In reality, the only way to get enough C02 to make a difference is to clean up coal.

Guy Dyba


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