Wind energy generation rising in TN

May 12, 2013 by  
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Wind energy, which has picked up in the last few days, is expected to go up steeply in the coming days, thanks to the formation of a cyclonic storm over the Bay.

Since Wednesday, the average generation of wind power is on the rise.

On Thursday, at about 9 p.m., it was as high as 3,106 megawatt (MW). On Friday, the maximum wind power production was 2,680 MW. On Saturday, it was around the same level.

Normally, only around the third week of May, generation of wind energy is perceptible. But, this year, the “season” [as it is called among power specialists] of wind energy appears to have begun a week earlier. The presence of a cyclonic system over the Bay has made a difference.

Y.E. A. Raj, Deputy Director General of Meteorology, says that when the system moves north-westwards initially, it will lead to higher wind power generation.

The immediate impact of the rise in wind power was the consequent rise in energy consumption. On Thursday and Friday, the daily energy consumption varied between 257 million units (MU) and 258 MU. On Wednesday, the consumption was 253 MU.

Also, the duration of load shedding saw a fall. On Saturday, load shedding was lifted by 3-15 p.m., says an official.

On an average, during the season of wind energy (May-September), the State gets an assured quantum of 2,500 MW. At times, the generation goes up as high as 3,500 MW.

On May 3 (7-25 p.m.), the maximum instantaneous peak demand of 11,922 MW was met. Though this remains unbroken so far, the evening peak demand on Thursday (May 9) was close to 11,725 MW.

In addition to the support of wind energy , the addition of 1,000 MW through the first unit of Vallur thermal power station and additional units at North Chennai and Mettur thermal power stations has come handy, the official adds.

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