Wind energy is a safe source of electricity

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Re: Effects of noise exposure, Aug. 20 and Breezy approach to wind-power facts, Aug. 16.

I have been following with interest the discourse about wind energy and human health in the Ottawa Citizen over the past week. The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is committed to ensuring all credible information on this subject is reviewed and that Canadians have access to fact-based answers to their questions about wind energy and its role in our energy future.

The balance of scientific evidence and human experience to date clearly concludes that sound from wind turbines does not adversely impact human health.

These conclusions are supported by a growing body of work, including reports by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, the National Public Health Institute in Quebec, and recently by an expert panel re-port to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Department of the Environment.

On July 23, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health reinforced her position on wind energy and human health to the Standing Committee on Estimates by stating: “I stand by the conclusions that I made in my study of 2010. The weight of the evidence does not support any direct health effects associated with wind turbines if they are appropriately placed, and that is with a minimum of a 550-metre set-back.”

In addition, the American, Australian, Canadian, European, Global and United Kingdom wind energy industry associations point to 17 re-views of independent research and evidence that all conclude wind energy is not harmful to human health.

In fact, wind energy is widely regarded as one of the safest forms of electricity generation in the world. At the end of 2011 there was 237,669 MW of installed wind energy capacity supplying safe and clean power in more than 89 countries and producing more electricity than is currently used in all of Canada.

The wind energy industry is working proactively to ensure citizens have factual answers to their questions as Ontario invests in a cleaner, reliable and affordable electricity system. CanWEA continues to work with all governments as well as scientific and medical experts to review all new credible in-formation on the subject of wind energy and human health.

Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association, Ottawa

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