Wind power has failed to deliver what it promised

June 16, 2013 by  
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The Government has shown recognition of public concern by announcing that
residents will be able to stop the construction of wind farms. It is welcome
news that when planning applications are submitted, officials will have to
take into account both the views of those living nearby and the impact upon
the landscape – a proposal that is being sold as giving locals the power of
veto over wind turbines.

But things may not work out that way. Under the plans, energy firms will be
able to offer ”incentives’’ to residents – such as reductions in energy
bills – in order to encourage them to say ”yes’’ to a new wind farm. This
amounts to a bribe, and a very tempting bribe, too, given that we live in an
age of austerity when many home owners are looking for ways to cut costs and
save money. The Liberal Democrats, including Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary,
believe that the planning-rule changes could actually result in more wind
farms being built rather than less.

Therefore, there is a troubling risk that the Government’s plans might prove
to be a golden opportunity for wind-power providers to buy their way to
installing yet more turbines. That is worrying because – aside from concerns
about the damage to our countryside – our report shows that this industry is
expensive, passes costs on to the consumer and does not create many jobs in
return. Wind power is far from the panacea that its supporters claim it to

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