To the editor — Last week’s hearing in Richland led by Sen. Doug Erickson on the “Unintended Consequences” of voter-supported Initiative 937 was frustrating. As an Eastern Washington resident and operations manager for a local wind energy project, I know first hand that alternative energy development has meant jobs and investment in our state. In fact, the renewable energy developments supported by I-937 has meant over $8 billion invested and over 3,000 jobs.

It also means clean and affordable energy for hard-working families like mine, where we’ve seen our electricity rates increase by less than 1 percent of inflation. Meanwhile, property taxes from wind farms support our local schools and services. And furthermore, the more diverse our energy supply, the more reliably our grid operates. Just like an investment portfolio, it’s good not to put all our eggs in one basket.

Let’s support policies in our state that are working like I-937 instead of undermining them.