Wind Turbine Commercial Shows How Wind Turbines Are “Like A Boss”

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siemens offshore wind turbine

Published on October 11th, 2013
by Zachary Shahan


You’ve seen the “like a boss” meme, right? If not, go ahead and catch yourself up a bit. Once you’ve done that, watch this wind turbine commercial* and tell me if wind turbines are not like a boss:

Awesome, right?

For a little more wind turbine awesomeness, check out these fun facts:

  • Wind power accounted for 42% of new US power capacity last year, more than any other electricity source.
  • The cost of wind power has come down about 29% over in the past 5 years, and from about 30¢ per kilowatt-hour 10 years ago to 4¢ per kilowatt-hour today. Wind power is now the cheapest option for new electricity in many if not most places in the world.
  • Wind turbines are getting huge. There are now wind turbines being developed that are so big a helicopter can land on top of them. The size of the average wind turbine has grown tremendously in the past several years. Take a look at these infographics for more on that:

wind turbines getting bigger and bigger


Wind power is one of the most critical solutions to the global warming crisis we are now facing (see graph below). Wind power also doesn’t produce wind or water pollution, and it uses less water than other electricity options, far less than nuclear power, coal power, or natural gas power (solar PV power also uses a tiny amount of water, but still quite a bit more than wind power).


One more time: like a boss!

*Full Disclosure: This post was supported by Siemens through Be On. That said, I wouldn’t have covered it if I didn’t think it was worth covering, and nobody from Siemens or Be On had any influence over what I wrote above.

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  • 1. No fossil fuel plant has been shut down as a result of wind energy

    2. Wind energy is not an alternative to conventional fossil fuel plants. This is evident in the fact that coal and gas plants are left running incase the wind dies down.

    3. The bigger the turbine the more often rare birds of prey get chopped to pieces. Also the more noise and vibrations result from the turbines. Not nice if you happen to live close to one.

    4. Everywhere where wind farms have been installed the energy bills have shot up for ordinary householders. See Denmark, Germany, Ireland, UK, Spain etc etc etc

    5. Tonnes of concrete have to be poured into the ground to hold a turbine. You completely refuse to mention when you salivate over the size of modern turbines , that tonnes more concrete have to be poured into the ground to stablise these monstrosities. Concrete is highly CO2 and water intensive. The works carried out on site have resulted in mudslides which have polluted rivers and scenic areas.

    6. You cant even power one home with a wind turnine, go try it for yourself if you dont believe me. If its so good then why did Germanys grid operator tell EoN to under no circumstances de-commission an old dirty polluting coal plant as it was central to grid stability. Wind farms are the opposite – they create grid instability as can be seen in UK where there is a high risk of blackouts.

    They are the fruits of pseudo science believers and are one of the greatest scams ever perpetuated in history.

    • Interesting title you have Val. ” Irish Spokesperson for the European Platform Against Wind Farms”

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