Wind turbines are no longer ‘environmentally friendly’, says Tory chairman

April 9, 2014 by  
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Mr Shapps said: “The Conservatives feel wind farms have a place – and it
is offshore, by and large. Lib Dems love them, everywhere, and in as many
locations as possible.

“Presumably all over the South West if they can pull it off. They’ll somehow
think it’s environmentally friendly to have the giant pylons all over the
place. So that’s an area of real differentiation.”

He added: “I think wind power’s great. But we have the best coastline for
wind because of the geography of the country of any country in the world for
the prospect of wind.

“And, actually, they work better off in the sea as well because it’s windier,
so they don’t have to blight the landscape and upset everybody at the same
time. The direction of wind travel is clear, without wanting to pre-empt our

A senior source close to the Prime Minister earlier this month said that Mr
Cameron is now “of one mind” with the Government’s most vociferous
opponents of “unsightly” onshore wind turbines.

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